Nana at Cal Auto Body is the best! When my car was broken into and my window completely smashed, I called the dealer to see about the repair. The dealer said it would take two days to get the window. I called Nana and she immediately said give me a minute I'll check and call you back. Just ten minutes later, Nana called me back saying she would have the window in an hour and could fix the car today. The car was fixed so quickly and all the shattered glass was cleaned up too! My window works perfectly again. I felt so much better not having to live with the broken window reminder of how I had been violated. Definitely the best service and most customer centric business I have dealt with. Thank you Nana.

Carol Zell, US Bank

To promote my tech support business, I use magnetic signs on the car doors of my Prius.  After Cal Auto Body repaired and repainted a seriously dented wheel well on the driver’s side of my car, I began to notice that I was getting a few more phone calls each month from people who mentioned that they had seen the signs on my car. Thank you Nana, and the talented auto body personnel at Cal Auto Body, for helping me project the kind of professional image I need to grow my business! 

Dave Duke, Dave, Help Me!

It is a perfect service. As bad as the accident was, the experience at Cal Auto Body took the sting out of it. It is complete customer service and they handle everything. They do it with a smile.

Sandra G.

I would like to thank Nana and her professional team for doing such an amazing job on my vehicle. Thank you for your attention to detail and kind service. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of car repair.

Brian D., Oakland, CA

I want to thank Cal Auto Body for doing a wonderful job. I don't think anyone can do it better if you have seen the damage done to the car. Everyone at Cal Auto Body worked hard to make this happen. I'll let the pictures do the talk. Thank you to the whole team at Cal Auto Body for working their magic, they took car body work to a whole new level. Great Job Guys! Thank you

Nicky Ip. Hayward, CA